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Fire Service

The Fire Service were called to 649 chimney fires in New Zealand during 2007 and 2008.

Don't become a statistic!

Is your fire filling your home with smoke? Does your fire no longer heat your home like it used to? If this sounds like you, your fire isn't working to its full potential and needs to be cleaned and serviced. There are a variety of reasons that your fire may not be burning well; from blocked chimneys and cowling to birds nests.


A clean fire is a safe fire!

Mr Sweep specialises in thoroughly cleaning and servicing your chimney to ensure it is running cleanly and efficiently. Our prices are competitive and we offer discounts to Grey Power members and senior citizens.

What can you expect from us? Servicing your fire will take up to ¾ of an hour. I check the firebox and its parts, clean the chimney from the roof (unless it is unsafe) and leave an inspection report. I guarantee not to make a mess or the job is free.


* Terms and conditions

Payment is due on the day. Please note late or non-payment of invoices will incur a debt collection fee.

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